Friday, April 3, 2009

First post

Hey everyone. 
This is my first post here, and hopefully I'll be able to put something up every week or so.
I'm currently finishing up my last few semesters at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.
Recently a class assignment was to create a poster for the Haight Ashbury Street Fair, and mine is now in the top 10 finalists. Here is the final (in color) and the rough.

Personally I liked the direction of the rough and just the overall style and where it could have gone...but the project had to be done in Adobe Illustrator. Oh well, shouldn't complain.

You can see all 10 pieces at . To vote on any piece you can go to the RVCA at Haight/Ashbury 1485 Haight Street and vote on your favorite there. All the posters are on display in their front window as well.

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  1. Yeah I like the old one too. New one still turned out pretty fossilz though.